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St Louis Rams 24 San Francisco 49ers 24 (Tie!?!?!?) (OT)- The Post Game Breakdown

I was hoping to get the chance to watch this game, but have not gotten the opportunity to do so.  The show must go on (as they say).  So with that in mind, I would like to point out that this was the first tie the NFL has experienced since 2008.  A tie will count as a half of a win and a half of a loss.  I suppose it is too early to tell if it will help or hurt San Francisco or St Louis.  In that 2008 season the Eagles tied with the Bengals and finished 9-6-1.  However, since the tie does not count as a loss, they were able to get in the playoffs as the #6 seed over a handful of other 9-7 teams.  More likely than not, this tie will have no bearing on the outcome of the division since I believe the NFC West belongs to the 49ers and maybe the Seahawks.  If the Rams were to make a run at the division title or the wild card spot then this tie will be more helpful than if they took a loss.  I guess overall a tie isn’t the worst thing in the world.  I suppose we will have to find out how this works out in the grand scheme of things.  Much like most ties, we will never know exactly how they affect a season until it actually happens.