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Tennessee Titans 37 Miami Dolphins 3- The Post Game Breakdown

I did say in my pregame breakdown of this contest that I expected the Dolphins to win.  The real outcome does not surprise me though.  The Titans have won like this all year.  They will play poorly when most expect them to win, and they come out and win the games when nobody thinks they will.  Tannehill threw three picks in a loss (one went for a touchdown).  Chris Johnson ran the ball well against what most regard as a very solid rush-defense (23-126-1).  In his first game back from a shoulder injury, Jake Locker played well, disregarding a rather ugly completion percentage.  He threw two touchdowns in this blowout win.

I think that the Dolphins may need to win five of their next seven if they want to make the playoffs.  They have the defense to do it, but I don’t know if I can trust that unit down the stretch.  Andrew Luck threw for 433 on them last week, and the Titans ran for 177 yards against them this week.  Miami may be in big trouble as we move forward, but they do retain possession of second place in the AFC East with the Bills and Jets losing this week.