2017 Season: Super Bowl LII Preview

The Super Bowl is here and we have one team who is a perennial player in the game and another that has never won the big game.  It is also the classic defense (Eagles) versus offense (Patriots) match-up.  This is going to be a close game.  Who will win it all?

Well, the Patriots are obviously the favorites to take home the crown for a sixth time and that is primarily because of their Hall of Fame quarterback and coaching combo.  Gronk is going to be a go for this game, but the match-up to watch will be the slot position with Patrick Robinson versus Danny Amendola.  If Amendola is contained the Eagles will have a real shot at this.

Nick Foles might not have to play at the level he did in the NFC Championship game, but he will have to hang with Tom Brady and that is going to mean not turning the ball over.  Luckily he is generally very careful in that regard.  Philly will need to play to their strengths and turn this into a defensive battle because their “D” is much better than New England’s is.  Also, their offensive and defensive lines are above that of the Pats’.  That could be a difference.

Above all else if the Eagles can generate a good pass rush, that will be very helpful.  I can see Philadelphia taking a lead into the fourth quarter here but never count the Patriots and Tom Brady out.  Brady will lead the comeback train and it is going to come down to whether or not Nick Foles can make a late answer.  I think he can.

This should be another classic Super Bowl with the two best-coached teams in the league.  In the end, though, I am putting my faith in Foles (call me crazy) to get the job done in the end leading the Eagles to a last second field goal win.  Props to Jake Elliot, by the way.

Philadelphia 26, New England 24

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