AFC Championship- Denver Broncos 26, New England Patriots 16- Post Game Thoughts

The Denver Broncos continue their remarkable season with an impressive victory at home over the New England Patriots.  Peyton Manning was, in a word, phenomenal.  He completed 32 of his 43 passes for exactly 400 yards with a pair of touchdowns.  Those 32 completions tied him for the most in a championship game as well, just another record that he has his fingerprints on this season.  The Patriots were unable to get their ground game going in the first half and then were forced to throw the ball late in the game.  Also, their defense could not stop the Broncos.  Other than their first drive (which ended in a punt) and their final drive (which ended with a Manning kneel down), Denver scored on all of their possessions.  They were held to four field goals, but it didn’t matter because their defense did a great job at getting off the field early on in order to help the team build a sizable lead.  Also, Aqib Talib left the game in the second quarter with a knee and rib injury and once he did, Demaryius Thomas had a field day.  Alfonzo Dennard struggled to cover him (as did Logan Ryan, when asked to do so) and the safeties were out of position at times and he tore the New England secondary up to the tune of 134 yards with a touchdown.  Simply put, the Pats’ defense and running game was not good enough to help them hang with the Broncos, and thus they lost the game.  Now the folks from the Mile High City have the chance to cap a great season with a win in the Super Bowl.  If they are able to get it done in East Rutherford on February 2nd, you could say that this was one of the most impressive seasons for any team in NFL history.  To do this, though, they will have to go through the Seahawks, which is no easy task.


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