Week 17: Seattle Seahawks 27, St. Louis Rams 9- Post Game Thoughts

The Seattle Seahawks wrap up home-field advantage throughout the playoffs in this dominant win over Jeff Fisher’s St. Louis Rams.  This win, believe it or not, was huge for the ‘Hawks.  If they would have lost this game, they would have fallen from the #1 seed all the way to the #5 seed and would have had to play a bunch of road games in the playoffs.  Instead, they go out and handily beat the Rams and ensure themselves of the #1 seed in the NFC.  Marshawn Lynch had a nice afternoon, rushing for 97 yards and a touchdown.  The biggest play in the game was a Malcolm Smith 37-yard pick six in the first quarter.  That really set the tone for the game as the Seahawks defense simply went to work yet again in another dominant home win.  For the Rams, their offense was anemic all afternoon long.  They could not run the ball worth a lick (something the team was able to do when these two teams faced off a number of weeks ago), and the passing game was not all that impressive either.  It is clear that whenever the Rams are able to run the ball, they can grind out games.  However, if the offense has to be one-dimensional then the team is in trouble.  This is not a come-from-behind squad.  They are one that is better when playing with a lead (see the Week 15 game against the Saints for a prime example).  When you get down early, especially in Seattle, your team could be in a lot of trouble.  That is what the Rams faced this week and hence the 18 point loss.  Even still, I admire these guys for fighting hard over the final half of the season without their starting quarterback.  It is just too bad they have to play in the NFC West, the hardest division in football.


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