Week 17: New York Jets 20, Miami Dolphins 7- Post Game Thoughts

The New York Jets are able to knock the Miami Dolphins out of playoff contention with a big road win on Sunday.  Not only did the win manage to ruin the season for their hated division rivals, but it also saved Rex Ryan’s job.  Just a week ago Ryan was telling his team that he was not going to be coming back for the 2014 season and now it appears as if Woody Allen has given him another chance.  This is big for a team that showed a lot of promise at the end of this season.  We saw on Sunday what the Jets could be if they play smart football and do not turn the ball over.  Geno Smith was pretty good and he killed the Dolphins outside of the pocket.  Smith ran ten times for 44 yards and a touchdown.  He did not throw a touchdown, but he also did not have to.  The New York defense was able to intercept Ryan Tannehill three times in this game and put an end to some promising drives.  Remember, Miami did jump out to a 7-0 lead in this game, so credit has to go to the Jets defense for shutting them down the rest of the way.  After this loss, it is clear that Tannehill is not ready for the pressure-intensive situations.  He will be in the near future, but for right now it is safe to say that his youth and inexperience held him back at the end of this season.  Of course, he is deserving of a much better offensive line than the one he currently has.  If he is protected well, he can have a good year next season.


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