Week 17: New Orleans Saints 42, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17- Post Game Thoughts

This was a much-needed win for the New Orleans Saints as they destroy the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home, 42-17.  Drew Brees had a field day in this one, throwing for 381 yards and four touchdowns.  New Orleans receivers were constantly beating the Tampa Bay safeties over the top in this game.  I was watching the highlights for this game and was amazed at all of the busted coverages and deep throws that victimized the Bucs (in what turned out to be Greg Schiano’s final game as the head coach).  Lance Moore got into the act early, and Kenny Stills later on.  As the Saints forge into the playoffs, they will need to find production from other wide receivers besides just Marques Coltson.  Right now, the offense is primarily run through him, the running backs, and Jimmy Graham.  Spreading the ball to different wide receivers will be key for the black and gold.  Anyways, this was a huge win because the team confidence could not have been all that high after they had lost three out of their last four games.  This helped them build some momentum as they head on the road to play the Eagles next Saturday.  Bear in mind that New Orleans has not won a road game since Week 12 this year, so getting a huge home win could help the team build some momentum.  For the Buccaneers, they made this one a game early, but simply could not keep up with the Saints.  I would normally say that is because the defense really failed down the stretch, but many teams struggle on that side of the ball when they travel down to the Super Dome.  Tampa Bay just faced these guys at the wrong time and place if you ask me.


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