Week 17: Cincinnati Bengals 34, Baltimore Ravens 17- Post Game Thoughts

The Ravens needed a win in the worst way, coming off of their ugly 41-7 loss to the Patriots last Sunday.  That is what made this victory by the Bengals even more impressive.  They dominated a team desperate for a win at home.  What’s more is the fact that Cincy finally won an important game within their own division, which is beginning to mount some proof that these guys are turning into a legitimate threat in the AFC.  However, I am not sure that I can trust Andy Dalton quite yet.  He is very inconsistent.  One week he will come out and throw for 300 yards and a handful of touchdowns, and then the next he will turn the ball over a few times.  His is as Geno Smith as they get.  This week Dalton threw four picks and his running game did not provide much help behind him.  Luckily for the Bengals Joe Flacco was not much better.  Flacco tossed only one touchdown versus three interceptions.  His ugly play down the stretch is a cause for concern for Baltimore.  In two games that the Ravens simply had to have over the final two weeks, the former Super Bowl MVP could not have played much worse.  His lack of big plays down the field is something that has hurt the team lately.  He completed 30 passes in this game for just 192 yards.  That is a little over six yards per completion; not Joe Flacco-like at all.  And in case you were wondering, Baltimore struggled to run the ball again; something that had plagued the team all year long.  So at the end of the day, this game tells me that the Bengals are going to be a tough out at home in the playoffs, but I am not sure if they are going to be able to play as well on the road.  Only time will tell, and first they have to get over a red-hot San Diego Charger team, a squad that has not lost since the last time these two teams played.


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