Week 17: Carolina Panthers 21, Atlanta Falcons 20- Post Game Thoughts

The Carolina Panthers, needing a win to lock up the NFC South and the #2 seed, got the job done in Atlanta, 21-20.  The Falcons did make it tough though as they fought hard in this game.  Atlanta has been competitive in many of their games this year and have lost six of their twelve games by a combined 19 points this year.  Although, at this point in the year for the dirty birds, all their fans probably hoped for was to see the team play some of the NFC’s best teams tough and still lose.  That way they can maintain their low position in the 2014 draft and find a good player (likely on the defensive side of the ball).  For Carolina, this one was a bit tougher than they would have liked it to be, but in the end they got the job done on the road.  This is what all of the best teams in the league are able to do; win games they have to on the road.  Luckily they won’t have to worry about doing that for at least another two weeks as the Panthers will enjoy a first round BYE in the playoffs and a home game in the divisional round.  This defense has carried the team all year long and they did it again here as they allowed just 307 total yards of offense.  It is the eleventh time this season that Carolina has allowed less than 350 yards of total offense in a game.  That is pretty impressive.


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