Week 16: Tennessee Titans 20, Jacksonville Jaguars 16- Post Game Thoughts

The Tennessee Titans get their ground game cranking and they are able to churn out a victory in J-ville, 20-16.  Chris Johnson, while he did not have a monster day, did have a pretty good afternoon.  He carried the ball 22 times for 90 yards.  His counterpart, Shonn Green, did out-perform him though.  He ran for 91 yards on 19 carries with a touchdown.  The running Titans were able to come back from ten points down and grab the victory on the road here.  For the Jags, the coolest thing that happened in this game is that they gave the veteran center, Brad Meester, a screen pass.  He caught it and ran for nine yards.  Now, I’m a football junkie, so that type of thing excites me.  What the Jaguars did not do in this game was run the ball.  They only carried it with their backs 20 times while Chad Henne threw it 34 times.  Striking a better balance would have served Jacksonville a bit better in this game.  It would have allowed them to take back some of the time of possession (a battle in which they soundly lost, 35:39-24:21).  Holding the ball and controlling the clock is the next thing that Gus Bradley and friends will have to do.  If the Jags could sustain drives a bit better, they could actually be a much better team.  As it stands, they are 4-11, which is more than many people expected from them.  They will close out their season on the road in Indianapolis next week, a place where they won last year 22-17 in Week 3.  The Titans will host the Texans next week in a game that is pretty meaningless for each team.  It is always nice to close out the year on a high note though.


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