Week 16: Pittsburgh Steelers 38, Green Bay Packers 31- Post Game Thoughts

The Pittsburgh Steelers keep their 2013 season alive with a thrilling win in snowing Lambeau Field over the Green Bay Packers.  For the Pack, this was almost a disastrous loss, but the Eagles helped them out later that night when they beat the Bears.  That sets up a Week 17, winner-take-all situation between Green Bay and Chicago, so this loss does not kill them at all.  It is a win that the team could have had though.  Matt Flynn’s fumble with less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter allowed the Steelers to take the 38-31 lead, a lead they were able to keep.  Pittsburgh was very opportunistic in this game; they also scored on a pick-six.  Ben Roethlisberger, who has been on fire lately, had a productive afternoon.  He threw for 167 yards and a pair of touchdowns.  However, the most remembered passing play in this game came from Mat McBriar (the punter) in the third quarter of this one.  He completed a 30-yard bomb to David Paulson on a fake-punt try.  When you are desperate and have nothing to lose, these are the kinds of things that you are willing to do.  The running game for both teams was a factor.  Le’Veon Bell carried the ball 26 times for 124 yards and a touchdown, while Eddie Lacy carried it 15 times for 84 yards and two touchdowns.  Lacy did get hurt in this game though, and his status is uncertain for Sunday.  Anyways, each team is amazingly still alive going into the final weekend in the regular season.  The Steelers will need to win and get some help to make it in, while the Packers just need to win and they will be in.  Oh yeah, and I would be surprised if Aaron Rodgers does not make his return next week against the team that injured him.  Just sayin’.


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