Week 16: New York Jets 24, Cleveland Browns 13- Post Game Thoughts

Rex Ryan told his team before this game started that he was probably on the outs in New York as the head coach.  Perhaps that’s all he had to do to motivate his team to win, because the Jets pieced together their most impressive win since (in my opinion) they defeated the Falcons 30-28 back in Week 5.  Not coincidentally, Geno Smith played very well in both contests.  Smith looked very good in this contest as he accounted for all three New York touchdowns (two passing and one rushing).  Jason Campbell, on the other hand, did not look good at all.  He was 18/39 with no touchdowns and a pick.  He was going to need to have a big game for the Browns to have a chance in this one since they were facing the #2 ranked rush defense and they had not been able to run the ball all year heading into this game.  The egg he laid was the biggest reason why Cleveland was unable to get the job done on the road this week.  Once again, on offense the Browns only had Josh Gordon to look to.  He made six catches for 97 yards on the afternoon, which isn’t bad at all.  However, the Brownies really need to find another offensive weapon to distribute the ball to.  You can’t kill all of your opponents with the same player each and every week while expecting to be a good team.  For the Jets, they just need to find some play-makers for Geno Smith to throw the ball to.  If he had a wide receiver at the level (or even a tier below) Josh Gordon to throw the ball to, I believe it would do him wonders.  Look for Gang Green to address this gaping hole in the upcoming draft.


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