Week 16: Denver Broncos 37, Houston Texans 13- Post Game Thoughts

Clearly, the biggest headline that will come out of this game is the fact that Peyton Manning broke Tom Brady’s regular season touchdown record.  He now has 51 passing touchdowns on the season with one game left to play, so congratulations are in order for the future five-time league M.V.P.  However, this win comes at a lofty price.  Von Miller is going to be out for some time due to a torn ACL.  Now Denver is going to have to relive life without Miller once again (remember they were without him for the first six games this season).  This could hurt them come playoff time, if they cannot mount a formidable pass rush.  As far as the Texans are concerned, they played the Broncos tight through three and a half quarters in this one.  The game was 16-13 halfway through the third frame and Houston had a shot at pulling off the upset.  However, their defense suffered a meltdown as they watched Peyton Manning and the Denver offense run away with yet another game in the second half.  The passing defense has not been bad for the Texans this year, but that is partially due to the fact that teams are building big leads on them and not having to throw the ball.  I believe that this Houston defense is worse than a lot of people realize and they are in some serious need for a new rotation of talent in the secondary.  Safety play has been bad for them this year, I would be shocked if they did not address this problem early on in the 2014 draft.


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