Week 16: Arizona Cardinals 17, Seattle Seahawks 10- Post Game Thoughts

For the first time in his career, Russell Wilson has been beaten at home.  It took 15 games for it to finally happen, but the Cardinals got the job done and kept their playoff hopes alive as they downed Seattle by the count of 17-10.  Credit for this win has to go to the defense.  Carson Palmer threw four interceptions and his team still won the game.  The Cards were not dynamic on the ground either, so that leaves special teams and defense to your advantage.  The Arizona defense stepped up big.  The offense turned the ball over those four times, and yet the Todd Bowles’ defense gave up only 10 points.  What is more is the fact that the Seahawks have the second most explosive offense in football and the Cardinals only allowed two plays of over 20 yards in this game.  Russell Wilson completed only 11 of his 27 passes for 108 yards in this game.  Clearly, the Arizona secondary was strong in this game.  Bruce Arians has done a great job coaching the Cards this season.  He has his team at 10-5 on the season fighting for the playoffs in the toughest division in the NFL.  I think he deserves consideration for the Coach of the Year award (after winning it last year).  Being able to win in Seattle is something that no team has been able to do over the past two years, so this is a huge victory for these guys.  For the ‘Hawks, their penalty problems need to be cleaned up.  They were flagged nine times in this game, and this is an area which continues to be a weakness for them.  They could be susceptible to being stunned in the playoffs if they do not clean up in this area.  This game told me that the Seahawks do have some chinks in the armor, and that they, in fact, can be beaten at home.  I’m ready to believe anything going forward after this upset.


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