Week 15: Miami Dolphins 24, New England Patriots 20- Post Game Thoughts

This was a very important win for the Miami Dolphins.  They came into this game with a loaded gun; they are on a hot streak and all of their talent is healthy and firing on all cylinders.  Meanwhile the Pats came into this one without Gronk, without Aaron Dobson and Kenbrell Thomkins, and without many key players on their defense.  If ever there were a time for the ‘Phins to pull out a win over their rivals, this was it.  Luckily for them and their playoff hopes, they were able to get the job done.  Tom Brady threw the game-ending interception with seven seconds left in the end zone, so it was yet another Patriots game that came down to the final seconds.  Brady was not very elaborate in his post-game press conference either, following the tough loss.  It hurt a bit more because the Broncos had lost on Thursday night.  A win would have given New England control of the #1 seed.  However, they were unable to capitalize on that opportunity and instead find themselves having to win out just to make the #2 seed (which, let’s not get this confused, is still a pretty good place to be in).  Speaking of good places to be in, the Dolphins are primed to lock up that #6 seed following this win.  They are competing with Baltimore (who will play these Patriots and Bengals down the stretch) and the Chargers who still have to deal with the Raiders and the Chiefs to get to the tournament.  Miami has the inside track here.  Their schedule is much more favorable down the stretch and having downed the Patriots, they have to feel confident that they can hang with anybody.  Perhaps most surprisingly, Ryan Tannehill outplayed Tom Brady in this game.  His stats were, in every way outside of yardage, better than his counterpart.  Tannehill’s success will be key for the ‘Phins if they want to keep this winning streak going.

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