Week 15: Kansas City Chiefs 56, Oakland Raiders 31- Post Game Thoughts

Holy cow, Jamaal Charles went off in this game!  He accounted for five touchdowns and was just the third player this season to record four receiving touchdowns.  His eight catches tied his career high from earlier this season (against Dallas) and his 195 yards receiving was a career high.  Fantasy owners have to be salivating at #25’s beast performance from this Sunday.  Alex Smith also posted a perfect passer rating in this game, becoming the second quarterback to do so against the Raiders this year.  What does that tell you?  I tells you that Oakland needs to play better defense.  They have been picked apart twice now, and because of it their defensive numbers don’t look good.  I have watched the Raiders play a few games this season and I can say that they are better on defense than this game (and the one against Nick Foles) would lead you to believe they were.  You could say they are bad, but I think it would be more appropriate to call them inconsistent.  Elevating the level of play and keeping it there on a weekly basis is going to be key for Oakland as we go forward.  The Chiefs, on the other hand, have clinched a playoff berth (after finishing just 2-14 last year) with this win and are tied atop the AFC West with the Broncos yet again.  It will take a lot for them to become the division champs though as they have to win out and hope for Denver to lose one of their next two games.  Instead of focusing on the division crown, I would do what I could to play well against playoff (and playoff calibur) teams.  The Colts will come to Kansas City next week to play a game that will serve as a measuring stick for both teams (and a possible preview for a wild-card weekend match-up).  The Chiefs will then draw a rematch with the Chargers on the final week of the season.  Let’s see if these guys can finish the year off in a strong way.  These final two games will help us all determine if Kansas City is a contender or a pretender.

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