Week 15: Indianapolis Colts 25, Houston Texans 3- Post Game Thoughts

This was a nice bounce-back win for the Colts after they fell hard to the Bengals in Cincinnati a week ago.  To me, the most encouraging thing for the AFC South champs is the fact that their defense dominated this game.  They allowed just one field goals while forcing two Case Keenum picks.  Houston also fumbled three times, but were fortunate enough to recover all of them.  Andrew Luck did throw one interception, but outside of that he was solid, passing for 180 yards and a pair of touchdowns.  Luck did not have to throw the ball a whole lot in this game though as it was pretty much over by halftime.  Indy did run the ball well and Trent Richardson’s numbers did not look bad (although they were beefed up with his 22 yard dash).  This is how the Colts want their team to look on a weekly basis.  They want to be able to throw the ball when they want to, not when they have to.  To do this, you must rely on a strong running game and a solid defensive effort.  They got both of these this week.  Now Houston, on the other hand, is clearly in prime position for the #1 overall pick next year.  Honestly, I’d be shocked if they didn’t go for a quarterback with that pick (but then again, we all thought they were going to select Reggie Bush with their first pick in 2006).  It is just that the quarterback play has really fallen off the wagon over the past few weeks, and it is the biggest reason why they are on this current 12-game losing streak.  Times are tough if you are a Houston fan, and to make matters worse, they have Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos coming to town next week.  You guys may want to sheild your eyes.

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