Week 15: Buffalo Bills 27, Jacksonville Jaguars 20- Post Game Thoughts

I fell into the Jaguars trap.  I was drinking the Kool-Aid for a while there, but the Bills came out on top with a win.  Obviously, the team does much better when E.J. Manuel plays well.  After throwing four picks and being sacked seven times against Tampa Bay last week, Manuel came out and threw two touchdowns and was sacked just four times.  Buffalo also unveiled their optimal game plan in this one: from Week 1, it was clear that these guys had to be a run-first team as they sport two talented backs in C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson.  In this game, they ran the ball 44 times for 198 yards (4.5 yards per carry).  Conversely, Manuel only threw it 24 times.  This is the type of play-calling that Nathaniel Hackett would like to utilize on a weekly basis.  For the Jaguars, the team could have used the presence of Maurice Jones-Drew in their backfield.  Jordan Todman did a good job filling in for him, running the ball 25 times for 109 yards but the team would have benefited from a change-of-pace back.  It also doesn’t help that Chad Henne threw two interceptions in this game.  The Jaguars are not good enough to overcome a handful of turnovers.  In the games Henne has started in that have resulted in wins (4) he has thrown just four interceptions.  In the games he has started in that have resulted in losses (7) he has thrown eight interceptions.  The Jags need to work hard to eliminate these turnovers in their future games.  Stiffening up in their run defense wouldn’t hurt either.

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