Week 15: Atlanta Falcons 27, Washington Redskins 26- Post Game Thoughts

Mike Shanahan pulled a Mike Shanahan in this one, going for two in the final minute of the game in order to win.  It worked out well the first time he tried it, but it backfired this time.  Instead of kicking the extra point to send this one into overtime, he decided to go for the win and, as you can see, it did not work.  Truthfully, I would have rather seen him kick the extra point.  It would have given the ‘Skins an extra period of time to evaluate Kirk Cousins.  Cousins did play well save for a few poor decisions.  He threw for 381 yards and three touchdowns.  Washington, as a team, moved the ball well all game long; they put up 476 yards.  With numbers like this, you would probably be surprised that the team lost the game, especially since the defense held the opposition to just 243 yards of offense.  However, the seven turnovers in this game killed the Redskins (including a jaw-dropping five lost fumbles).  That is just embarrassing.  The turnovers were the big reason why Washington could not claim victory in this game.  They need to clean this up if they hope to clip Dallas at home next week.  The Falcons did benefit from playing a poor, sloppy team, but they were actually lucky to win this game overall.  I do think that they will be better next season, but I also find it hard to believe that they will be worlds better as soon as Julio Jones returns.  Atlanta should be an interesting team to track as we head into the 2014 campaign.

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