Week 15: Arizona Cardinals 37, Tennessee Titans 34 (OT)- Post Game Thoughts

After surrendering a 17-point fourth quarter lead, the Arizona Cardinals survive the late Titan surge in overtime by the final count of 37-34.  The Arizona defense did a good job slowing the Tennessee offense early on in this game, but the meltdown that they went through late was cause for concern.  It did take a successful onside kick to make it possible, but the Titans were able to come all the way back after Ryan Fitzpatrick had thrown a pick-six late in the fourth quarter to put his team down 34-17.  The heart that Mike Munchak’s team showed was admirable, and it is unfortunate that they could not seal the deal.  You would have thought for all the world that they were going to win the game when they got the ball first in overtime.  However, one Ryan Fitzpatrick interception later and the shoe is on the other foot.  So I do have to tip my cap to the Cardinals for finding out a way to win the game.  You won’t always dominate a game in this league, and sometimes you have meltdowns, but the good teams in this league are able to overcome them, and that is what Bruce Arians’ club was able to do.  Now they are 9-5 and still in the conversation for the NFC playoffs.  It will take them winning out and some help to accomplish, but at least they have a shot (I bet Arizona wishes they played in the AFC).  The Titans are now eliminated from the playoffs with this loss, but at least they didn’t lie down in this game when they were down by three scores late in the fourth quarter.  As a fan, I can always appreciate a team playing hard until the final whistle.  You never know what could happen, sometimes you can get lucky and force an overtime.  This really was a wacky game, and the Cards are in a better position because of the win.  They need to continue this trend next week when they take on the Seahawks up in Seattle.  A loss there would kill their playoff aspirations.


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