Week 14: Chicago Bears 45, Dallas Cowboys 28- Post Game Thoughts

The Dallas Cowboys’ defense was exposed once again in a windy city beatdown courtesy of the Chicago Bears.  On the night that Mike Ditka’s number was retired, dah Bears won in an old fashioned way; the way that Bears teams in the past would have won… okay, maybe not so much.  They scored on every one of their drives (minus the kneel-down to end the game), and their defense played better.  Obviously they still have a long way to go though.  DeMarco Murray went nuts on them in the first half and was exploding on to the second level with great consistency.  This rush defense really needs to be shored up if the Bears hope to make a run towards the playoffs.  Two of their next three opponents can run the ball very well (with the exception of Cleveland, whom they will play next week).  If Chicago cannot stuff the run, it will be tough for them to hang in games like they did on Monday night.  Let’s be honest, they will not be playing the Dallas defense every week, so Josh McCown cannot expect to just heave the ball up for grabs in the end zone like he did on a couple of occasions (like that score he lobbed to Alshon Jeffery; sweet catch, by the way).  On the other side, the Cowboys simply must get better on defense if they hope to keep pace with the Eagles in the NFC East.  They are now one game behind them, however since they were able to defeat them in Philly earlier this year they still hold the tie breaker, meaning that the ‘Boys still control their own destiny.  We shall see how this defense responds next week when the (likely Aaron Rodgers-less) Green Bay Packers come to town.  To me, it was clear that their defense let them down in Chicago.  Offensively they are a solid group, but that “D” is embarrassing to watch on a weekly basis.  Injuries do play a huge part in this, but the great teams still find ways to cope regardless.

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