Week 14: Green Bay Packers 22, Atlanta Falcons 21- Post Game Thoughts

This was a huge win for the Packers.  They are still waiting on the return of Aaron Rodgers and did well enough to win this game in the process.  With Detroit’s loss this last week and this Green Bay win, it places the Pack just a half game behind the Lions in the standings.  Ladies and gentlemen, this NFC North race is far from over!  Eddie Lacy had a nice game on the ground in this one.  He accounted for 90 total yards on offense with a touchdown.  Meanwhile, Matt Flynn played pretty well.  He threw for 258 yards and a touchdown.  This was a far cry from his 139 yards from a week ago.  Apparently all he needs to perform well is a bit of cold weather and some snow (see his 480 yard, six touchdown game against Detroit in 2011).  Also, the Packer defense did a good enough job holding off a Falcon comeback.  They shut Atlanta out in the second half of this game and scored 12 unanswered points down the stretch to take a narrow lead.  Obviously the Falcons weren’t playing for anything besides pride in this contest, but a win would have been nice for moral support.  Instead, the deferred the win to a needy Packer team who could put this “W” to good use, especially if Aaron Rodgers comes back to play next week against Dallas.  If #12 can make a return, my bet is on Green Bay to win the NFC North.  The Lions and Bears really missed a golden opportunity to run away with the division, and now they will have to deal with the pesky Pack down the stretch of this season.


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