Week 14: Cincinnati Bengals 42, Indianapolis Colts 28- Post Game Thoughts

By virtue of a Tennessee Titan loss this weekend, the Colts have clinched the AFC South and at least the #4 seed, despite losing to the Bengals in Cincy.  So it is truly a bittersweet loss for them.  What stood out to me in this game was the ineptitude of the Indianapolis defense.  They could not stop the Bengals in this game, especially not in the second half.  There have been stretches over the course of this season that the Indy defense has looked bad, and that is not something that will bode well for them in the playoffs.  On the other side of this, Andy Dalton seems to be returning to his October-form.  He accounted for four touchdowns and really played well in the second half of this game.  Cincinnati has a great defense and an elite wide receiver in A.J. Green with a respectable running game.  If Dalton can play like this on a consistent basis, there is not much this team can’t do.  I’d like them to go pretty far in the postseason.  Andrew Luck did the best he could in this game; he threw for 326 yards and four scores.  Da’Rick Rodgers had a couple of those scores with 107 receiving yards.  It is possible that Indy has found something with this guy.  We will have to see how his role expands next week when the team hosts the Texans.  I would be concerned if I were a Colt fan, but for now I guess you can feel happy that the team is making the playoffs for the second straight year.  After all, anything can happen when you throw all of the records out the window.


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