Week 14: Baltimore Ravens 29, Minnesota Vikings 26- Post Game Thoughts

This game was absolutely insane; one of the best in recent memory.  There were six fourth quarter lead changes and five touchdowns in the final 2:05 of it.  Going into the scoring frenzy, the game was 12-7 in favor of the Vikings and from that point forward the two teams traded long touchdowns.  The final score came with four seconds left, when Joe Flacco hit Marlon Brown in the back of the end zone for the game winning touchdown.  It was an incredible catch, one of the best all year long.  This helped the Ravens to win their fourth out of their last five games and bring the team’s record to 7-6.  However, there have to be concerns following the frantic final two minutes of this game.  Their defense allowed the Minnesota Vikings, who, mind you, did not have Adrian Peterson to fall back on, to score two long touchdowns.  Without A.P., one would think that the Minnesota offense does not stand a chance, but they were able to make a couple of big plays despite his absence.  So, Ravens fans should be concerned about the defense’s lackluster effort in crunch time.  That said, they can feel very good about Joe Flacco’s performance under the gun.  It was, dare I say, 2012 playoffs-esq.  He showed a lot of composure and responded to each of those long touchdowns with scores of his own.  It really was something to watch.  Now the Ravens will head to Detroit to play the Lions next Monday night in a colossal game for the playoff hopes for each team.  The Vikings will play the team that beat those guys this week, the Eagles, at home.  They will look to spoil Philly’s playoff hopes in that game while hoping that Adrian Peterson is a full-go for that one.  Early indications show that he could be fine, but we will know more as the week progresses.


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