Week 13: Seattle Seahawks 34, New Orleans Saints 7- Post Game Thoughts

The Seattle Seahawks roll the Saints at home, and in the process take total control of the NFC in a laugher.  To be honest, I didn’t see this game playing out in this manner.  I anticipated a more competitive match-up, but instead we got a blowout.  Simply put, the Seattle defense was dominant, even without Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond III.  Also, Russell Wilson was a beast.  Wilson was nearly unstoppable throwing the ball and the New Orleans defense really had not answer for him or his right arm.  The Saints did a nice job bottling up Marshawn Lynch in this one, but as we all know now, that is only half of the battle when you take on the ‘Hawks.  Russell Wilson proved to the world that he is a true game-changer and deserves to be considered as one of the top quarterbacks in this game today; that is my biggest takeaway from this contest.  Also, I can’t imagine many teams that would fare much better at stopping the Seahawks come playoff time; it is darn near impossible to steal a victory away from the Emerald City these days.  To me, Seattle showed the world that they are the best team in football, and they did it at the Saints’ expense.  Now New Orleans is in a first place tie with Carolina in the NFC South and those two will face off next Sunday down in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  The mobile Wilson really exposed the Saints’ “D” in this game, and they will be challenged yet again when they try to contain Cam Newton.  It will be interesting to see the adjustments they make against Newton on that side of the ball, and how they will attack and equally formidable defense.  The NFC playoff picture has been shaken up a bit following the outcome of this game, but at the same time it has become much clearer for many of us.

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