Week 13: Cincinnati Bengals 17, San Diego Chargers 10- Post Game Thoughts

This game will rank right up with the Week 9 game against the Redskins as the most frustrating loss for the San Diego Chargers.  They played some good defense through three quarters in this one, and were moving the ball against a pretty darn good defense, all in front of their home crowd.  However, the defense just caved in during the fourth quarter as BenJarvus Green-Ellis ran roughshod on them.  Down 17-10, the Bolts had to rely on their defense to force a Bengal punt.  They were unable to do so and Cincinnati was then able to run out the clock.  Green-Ellis and rookie Giovanni Bernard combined for 34 carries and 149 yards in this one.  The Law Firm also plowed his way into the end zone for a rushing touchdown.  Good teams win tough games, and simply put the Chargers could not get the job done at home.  This loss really kills their playoff hopes.  I do believe that the winner of the #6 seed in the AFC will be a 9-7 team (possibly a 10-6 team).  Right now San Diego is 5-7.  That means that the best they can do is 9-7 on the year, and quite frankly I don’t like their odds.  Pretty much every team in the running for that #6 seed has some sort of tie breaker over the Chargers, so it is going to take more than a miracle for them to fight their way in to play some January football.  In the meantime, we pretty much know that the Bengals will be playing in January.  They own a two game lead in the AFC North and would probably have to lose out to miss the playoffs, and they will be home for three of their final four games.  They will play another 8-4 team at home next week in the Colts.  This will be a good game for each team to measure themselves to see how good they really are.  The Chargers will play host to the Giants in a game that will eliminate the loser from playoff contention for good.  But for now, I’ve gotta say that I really don’t like San Diego’s chances going forward.


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