Week 13: Atlanta Falcons 34, Buffalo Bills 31 (OT)- Post Game Thoughts

The Falcons win their third game of the year in an overtime victory against the Bills.  The thing that jumped out at me from this one was the fact that Atlanta was finally able to run the ball with consistency.  They topped 150 yards on the ground for just the second time this year, with 151 yards on 30 carries.  Staying dedicated to the run was key in this victory.  Antone Smith ripped another long run (he had one carry for a 38 yard touchdown).  In limited action this year, he had carried the ball for a whopping 29 yards per carry!  He also has two touchdowns on the season now.  If I were Atlanta, I’d find more ways to get him the ball in space.  Roddy White had, by far, his best game of the year.  He had ten catches for 143 yards.  It is encouraging for the Falcons to get White going because he has the talent to be a dynamic receiver in this league, even at the age of 32.  Buffalo also ran the ball very well in this one.  C.J. Spiller had 15 carries for 149 yards on the afternoon, and the Bills had three touchdowns on the ground (one from Spiller, one from Fred Jackson, and one from E.J. Manuel).  The thing that killed Buffalo in this game was their turnovers, more specifically the Scott Chandler fumble in overtime.  This fumble lead to great field position for the Falcons, and they were able to steal one away from the Bills up in Canada.  So neither team played poorly in this game at all.  It was all pretty even until the Chandler fumble.  You could make the case that this game would have gone the other way without the overtime turnover.  Anyways, both of these teams were really playing for pride in this game.  It was a good win for the Falcons and a frustrating loss for the Bills.  Atlanta will take on Green Bay while Buffalo will face Tampa Bay (both games will be on the road).


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