Week 13: Detroit Lions 40, Green Bay Packers 10- Post Game Thoughts

For the first time since 2003, the Lions have won on Thanksgiving day and they did so in impressive fashion.  Besides the score, which is obviously lopsided, Detroit out-gained Green Bay in total yardage 561-126.  Going into the game, the Lions had the #5 ranked offense in the league and the Packers had the #2 ranked offense in the league.  As a result of this blowout, the Pack is now ranked 6th and Detroit jumps to second overall.  Now, the Lions did not play a perfect football game; they turned the ball over four times and had a missed field goal at the end of the first half.  Punter Sam Martin did boot the ball out of bounds twice (on kickoffs), giving Green Bay possession at their own 40,  so as you can see mistakes were made.  However, that did not stop them from going over on their rivals by 30 points.  Simply put, Detroit was unstoppable on offense.  They were running the ball well, throwing it well, and really the only thing that stopped them was themselves.  Defensively, the Lions ruined this game.  They got all kinds of pressure on Matt Flynn and sacked him seven times.  Flynn really did not have much time to throw the ball all game long.  So for the Packers, this is their biggest loss since Week 12 of last year against the Giants (where, again, their quarterback did not have much time to throw the ball).  With this extended resting period (10 days), the team hopes to have Aaron Rodgers back for the game against the Falcons.  It may be too late though.  Green Bay is going to have to hope for Detroit and Chicago to sputter a bit before they can crawl back into the picture.  The Lions head to Philly next week to take on the Eagles in what will be a measuring stick game for both clubs.  Anyways, this win for the Lions was huge and it now sets them up as the clear favorites to take the NFC North, with a 4-1 divisional record.


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