Week 12: Tennessee Titans 23, Oakland Raiders 19- Post Game Thoughts

The Titans take advantage of two Sebastian Janikowski missed field goals as they edge the Raiders in Oakland.  In the process, they have taken over the #6 seed in the AFC and if the season ended today, they would be in the playoffs.  Ryan Fitzpatrick played another turnover-free game and was able to lead Tennessee to victory with his last second touchdown pass to Kendall Wright.  Wright has played like a true number one receiver and is really living up to his first round status from the 2012 draft.  Coming out of Baylor, the Titans thought they had a deep threat, what with his blazing speed.  Instead, they have a smart player, a good route-runner, and a reliable option underneath in third down situations.  This is a man who is certainly earning his paycheck.  So the Titans do have to fell pretty good about their weapons on offense; they have a solid offensive line with a great running back in Chris Johnson, a smart quarterback, as well as a reliable pass-catcher.  The same cannot be said about the Raiders.  Their running back position has been a revolving door with Darren McFadden’s injury.  Rashad Jennings has stepped in and done a great job in his place, but since taking over, Oakland hasn’t won a ton of contests because of it.  Matt McGloin didn’t play horribly in this game, but I would personally like to see the Raiders go back to Terelle Pryor.  I think T.P. has awesome game-breaking potential.  He just needs to develop his passing game a bit more, and Oakland could help him do this in their final five games, seeing as how the playoffs are pretty much off the table for them.  Maybe the Raiders see something in McGloin that I don’t.  Perhaps the whole nation will see it this Thursday when the team tries their luck in Dallas on Thanksgiving.


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