Week 12: Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Cleveland Browns 11- Post Game Thoughts

Much like the Baltimore Ravens did, the Steelers won a big game riding their defense in wintry conditions.  They completely mauled Jason Campbell in this game and eventually knocked him out with an injury.  Brandon Weeden came on in relief and was able to make some money in garbage time with Josh Gordon (who had a solid 237 yards receiving).  That would be the one blemish for Pittsburgh following this game.  Surprisingly, Antonio Brown had his way with Joe Haden.  He was able to get behind Haden on a 41 yard touchdown reception.  This was the play of the game for the Steeler offense.  Le’Veon Bell did not have his breakout game, but in this instance it did not hurt because he didn’t need to have one with the Pittsburgh “D” shutting things down.  Cleveland, on the other hand, only carried the ball with their backs 12 times in this game.  They really need to find a better balance between their running and passing game this year.  To me, that is the biggest reason why the team is now 4-7 and has really struggled since Week 5.


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