Week 12: Carolina Panthers 20, Miami Dolphins 16- Post Game Thoughts

The Panthers win their seventh straight game in remarkable fashion with this tight affair in Miami.  The Carolina defense was ripped apart early by Mike Wallace and Ryan Tannehill, but they really shut things down in the second half.  Ron Rivera and company proved that they are more than deserving of a playoff spot with this win.  If you think back over the past couple of seasons, the Panthers have gone as Cam Newton has gone.  When Newton plays well, they generally win, but when he plays poorly the team also performs poorly.  On this day, the third year QB did not have his best game, yet the team still won.  This is even further proof that these guys have truly turned the corner, and to be honest had it not been for a stinker they laid in Arizona, people would be talking about these guys as one of the best teams in the NFL.  At the end of this game, Captain Munnerlyn let Mike Wallace get behind him, however and the Dolphins were nearly able to pull off the miracle win.  Luckily for Carolina the veteran corner was able to go back on the ball and knock it loose, thus preserving the win for his team.  Other than that, this was a great second half performance by the Panthers.  For Miami, this loss hurts a lot, but can quickly be made up for if they are able to go on the road and win against the Jets next week.  Don’t count the ‘Phins out yet, they are still kicking.


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