Week 11: Seattle Seahawks 41, Minnesota Vikings 20- Post Game Thoughts

The Seattle Seahawks roll in a home victory over the Minnesota Vikings.  Marshawn Lynch ran for two touchdowns and Russell Wilson tossed two touchdown passes (with just five incompletions) in this game.  The offense wasn’t superior in this game for Seattle, but it didn’t have to be.  Their defense completely suffocated the Vikings, and outside of two Jarius Wright touchdowns, this game was a laugher (although some would argue that it still was with a 21 point spread).  The most impressive stat, to me, in this game was that on just 13 completions, Russell Wilson managed to hit nine different receivers in this one.  Now that is efficiency.  And that really is what makes this offense so tough to defend, the former Badger will throw it to whoever he can find open down the field; there is no discrimination.  If only the Vikings could be that liberal on offense… Then maybe we would have something to talk about for them that doesn’t begin with how Adrian Peterson was just shut down in this game.  He carried the ball 21 times for just 65 yards without a score.  Toby Gerhart actually out-rushed A.P. by two yards on 14 fewer carries.  Simply put, when the Vikings can’t run the ball, they can’t win the game.  An ineffective performance out of their superstar running back doomed the team in a hostile environment where success was going to be tough to come by anyways.


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