Week 11: Miami Dolphins 20, San Diego Chargers 16- Post Game Thoughts

The Miami Dolphins pick up a much needed victory at home against the reeling Chargers.  Without watching this game and just eyeballing the final score, I can tell you what happened in this one.  San Diego had to kick too many field goals.  There are only a few different ways to come up with the point total of 16, the most common of which would be one touchdown and three field goals.  That was indeed the case here in Miami as the Bolts were just not able to do enough late to seal the victory for themselves.  It was a shame too because they wasted a good effort from Ryan Mathews.  San Diego needs to work on closing games out, they have really struggled in games that have come down to the fourth quarter this season.  For Miami, this is a huge win.  Victory is always the best medicine for a team that is surrounded by controversy and, as Dolphin fans will see, this is no different.  Ryan Tannehill played pretty well in this one, and the ‘Phins really did not elect to run the ball all that much.  Luckily for them, their defense (which was really the catalyst for the team’s 4-0 start this season) was able to lock the Chargers out of the end zone in the second half.  Defense needs to be the strength of this team going forward and they can use it to flex their muscles down the stretch.  At 5-5, they actually control their own destiny for a wild card spot.  Losses by Baltimore, Tennessee, Cleveland, the New York Jets, and obviously San Diego really help this teams’ cause going forward.  Don’t count the Dolphins out yet, they are still very much alive.  This is a huge victory as much for moral support as it was for the continuation of a competitive season.


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