Week 11: Chicago Bears 23, Baltimore Ravens 20 (OT)- Post Game Thoughts

Amid some pretty ugly weather and after suffering through a nearly two hour long delay, the Chicago Bears down the Super Bowl Champions at home in a mudbath, 23-20 in overtime.  Boy, it feels weird calling the Ravens the defending Super Bowl champs because they haven’t played like it so far this season.  This loss drops them to 4-6 and the team is now tied with both Cleveland and Pittsburgh in the AFC North.  This was a game that the Ravens simply had to have.  I thought that this was a key game for the Bears, but they probably could have afforded a loss here more than Baltimore could.  Nevertheless, they pick up the dubya and did it behind yet another strong performance from Josh McCown.  McCown’s numbers from this game won’t blow you out of the water, but they certainly overshadowed what Joe Flacco was able to do and he did not turn the ball over.  It is important that McCown continues to play well in Jay Cutler’s absence.  A David Bass 24-yard pick-six in the second quarter proved to be the difference in this one as Chicago needed all seven of those points in this victory.  The Bears will need to continue this roll against the Rams next week (in St. Louis).  They will have to tread carefully though as the Rams have had a tendency to play well at times this season.  On the opposite sideline, the only positive that the Ravens can draw from this game is the fact that they were finally able to get Ray Rice going.  25 carries gained him 131 yards and a touchdown in this game.  For Baltimore to climb their way back into the wild card race, they are going to need Rice to continue this production.  You would have to figure that only the sixth seed is going to be disputed in the AFC and no team is really making a run at it at this moment, so these guys still have a chance.  They just need to win a pile of games in a hurry, starting next week at home against the Jets.  #mustwin.


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