Week 10: Seattle Seahawks 33, Atlanta Falcons 10- Post Game Thoughts

This was a get-well game of sorts for the Seahawks.  I would have been the first guy to tell you that they are the luckiest one-loss team in football given their narrow wins over the Rams, Titans, and Buccaneers, but on Sunday against the Falcons they exerted their dominance and showed the nation that they are as good as their record says they are.  They are tied with the Chiefs for the most victories in the NFL (with 9) and are losers of only one game on the road.  Looking ahead at the remainder of their schedule, it is easy to say that we could be dealing with a 13 or 14 win team here.  They will be tested at home against the Saints in three weeks, and will take on the 49ers in San Fran the next week.  Outside of those two teams, the only squad they face with a winning record from here on out is the Arizona Cardinals, a team they have already beaten this year.  We already knew this defense was legitimate, and in this game the offense showed up as well as the ‘Hawks put up 490 yards.  They went over 200 yards in both the rushing and the passing game, showing great balance in the process.  As things look good for Seattle, the days grow increasingly darker for Falcon fans.  The team is now 2-7 and have looked pretty bad over their past three games.  Like I said in last week’s breakdown of the Falcons/Panthers game, this team needs to work on developing the players they have in preparation for next year.  I do believe that Atlanta will return to relevancy and could be sporting a 7-2 record at this time next year, but for now the 2013 season is easily a lost cause.


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