Week 10: Pittsburgh Steelers 23, Buffalo Bills 10- Post Game Thoughts

The Steelers rebound from their humiliating loss to New England by returning the favor to their friends from the AFC East in the Steel City.  Their defense gave almost nothing up through the air as Dick LeBeau harassed yet another rookie quarterback.  E.J. Manuel, in his return, threw for just 155 yards (with most of those coming on the late touchdown drive when the Steelers were already up by 20 points).  Fred Jackson did an alright job running the ball (12 carries for 55 yards) but C.J. Spiller lacked the explosiveness he showed last week against Kansas City as he ran for just 23 yards on eight carries.  Obviously the Bills would have liked to have stuck with the running game a bit longer, but it is tough to do that when you are down by a sizable margin in the second half.  Simply put, the Pittsburgh defense stymied the Buffalo offense and threw them out of their game-plan.  The Steelers weren’t too special on offense themselves, but they didn’t have to be.  Antonio Brown did prove, however, that he is easily worthy of the no. one receiver tag that he inherited after Mike Wallace left for Miami.  Brown had six catches for 104 yards.  Ben Roethlisberger only threw for 204 yards on the day, so other Pittsburgh receivers were only able to put up 100 receiving yards after Antonio Brown.  For Steelers fans, it is good to see the team bounce back from that ugly loss in Foxboro.  As for the Bills, they just couldn’t mount any offense.  We shall see how they respond next week when they play host to the New York Jets in a revenge game from Week 3 of this year (when the Jets won 27-20).


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