Week 10: Minnesota Vikings 34, Washington Redskins 27- Post Game Thoughts

It seems to me like this was one of the only Thursday night games that you didn’t want to miss.  Go figure huh, that I was unable to see it.  Nonetheless, as always I am here to give my thoughts.  To start, it seems as if the Vikings can only win games by the final count of 34-27 while making a goal line stand in the process.  That was the story of this one as well.  Adrian Peterson didn’t really get going at all in this one as he ran for only 75 yards.  Luckily he made them count as he bowled his way into the end zone twice.  Christian Ponder was unable to finish the game, but he did play pretty well, only throwing one pick to his two touchdowns and 174 yards.  Completing 17 out of 21 passes ain’t too shabby either.  It looks like the Vikings offense woke up and their defense did just enough to close the game out.  For Washington, a loss like this is really demoralizing.  They were already two games behind the pace in the NFC East and now will find themselves back by at least that much by the end of the Week.  Not only that but the “resurgent” Giants are breathing down their neck and looking to overtake them in the standings this weekend (a win over Oakland would do the trick).  Of course, as an Redskin fan will tell you, this is exactly where the team was last season; 3-6 after having just lost to a one-win team (last year it was Carolina).  Is it possible that they rally and win the division again?  It could be if they win the rest of their division games.  Remember, 9-7 may be enough to win the NFC East.  Things are not totally done for them with this loss, but next week in Philly they simply need to win.  The Vikings made it tough on them and they will need to respond in a big way if they hope to make something of this 2013 season.


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