Week 8: Seattle Seahawks 14, St. Louis Rams 9- Post Game Thoughts

This was the result many expected from this game, but it did not play out anywhere near the way we all thought it would.  For starters, the Seahawks were exposed on offense.  Outside of the monster 80 yard touchdown from Russell Wilson to Golden Tate, Seattle did nothing on offense.  Their first touchdown came after Richard Sherman had returned an interception 38 yards to the St. Louis 26 yard line and then there was that quick strike.  Take away that touchdown and this team would have put up just 55 yards on offense.  As it stands, they had 135 on the game.  The fact that the Rams were able to sack Wilson seven times helped eat away that yardage that they could have had on offense.  Of course, when you only hold the ball for 21:51, you are often not going to put up a lot of yards.  How did the Rams control the clock so well you ask?  Well, they were able to run the ball very well.  They rushed for 199 yards on the game, Zac Stacy himself trucking for 134 yards on 26 carries,  Though they did run the ball like champs, the inability of this team to pound it into the end zone is alarming.  St. Louis still does not have a rushing touchdown on the season, at this, the half-way mark of the season.  In fact, the nine points you see all came on field goals; three kicked by Greg Zeurlein.  He missed another one which really costed the team because if he had made the 50-yarder then that final drive of the game would have only required a field goal for the Rams to take the lead.  Anyways, in the end it is the Seahawks who go to 7-1.  They own the best record in the NFC and they take on the team with the worst record in the NFC (Tampa Bay, 0-7) next week at home.  The Rams will host the Titans next week in what will probably be an emotional game when Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher takes tangles with his former team in which he spent 16 years with.


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