Week 8: San Francisco 49ers 42, Jacksonville Jaguars 10- Post Game Thoughts

Our friends from across the pond witnessed the same thing that those of us in the United States have been seeing all year long: a decimation of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  San Francisco didn’t do anything special.  They just ran the ball down the Jags’ throat, as is their style of choice.  San Fran pounded the rock 38 times to the tune of 5.8 yards per carry.  This helped them convert six of their nine third down situations.  Of those three failures, two of them were nullified because the Niners went for it on fourth down twice and got it both times.  Simply put, the Jaguars could not get off the field.  Their offense, in comparison, was only 4/14 on third down and 3/5 on fourth down.  A team will destroy their opponent by 32 points if they can keep their drives going and prevent the adversary from continuing theirs.  The only good thing that can be said about the Jaguars is that they only turned the ball over once and they did not surrender a sack to a stout 49er front four.  Each team faces a BYE next week before they prepare for the Titans and Panthers respectively.  It was yet another impressive win for the San Francisco 49ers as they continue to run their way through their opponents.  And for the Jaguars, this is more of what they have become accustomed to experiencing for the last two seasons.  Luckily they hit their BYE now so they can regroup and find a way to rebound from an ugly 0-8 start.


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