Week 8: Cincinnati Bengals 49, New York Jets 9- Post Game Thoughts

The top quarterbacks from the class of the 2011 draft are on fire right now (I’m talking about Cam Newton and Cincy’s Andy Dalton of course).  Dalton is in the midst of the most impressive stretch of his career.  He threw five touchdown passes this week and has passed for at least three touchdowns and 300 yards in his last three games.  Those are elite numbers as far as I’m concerned.  Speaking of elite numbers, did anybody see what wide receiver Marvin Jones did in this game?  You may have missed it because Calvin Johnson is getting a lot of attention for his 329 yard receiving game this week, but to fill you in Jones caught four touchdown passes in this game.  The four receiving touchdown plateau is one that has not been reached since 2007 and he became the first receiver in Bengal history to reach that mark.  Of course, the Cincinnati defense deserves a lot of credit.  They helped keep the Jets down to just three field goals in this game and they forced two Geno Smith interceptions.  Plus, they only allowed one pass play of over 20 yards in this game.  The 20+ yard pass play is something that has become a staple of this New York offense through the first eight weeks of the year and the Bengals did an excellent job taking that away.  So, the Jets continue their pattern of a win and then a loss.  If this holds steady, we can all expect Gang Green to look good in a win over the Saints next week, but we will get to that contest on Wednesday when I come out with my Week 9 predictions.  Stay tuned.


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