Week 7: Washington Redskins 45, Chicago Bears 41- Post Game Thoughts

This was the shootout of the year; err it would have been had the Broncos and Cowboys not engaged in a classic down in Texas in Week 5 this season.  Anywho, points were NOT at a premium in this one as the two teams combined for 86 points.  There was a lot of variety in this game.  For instance, it featured an 81 yard punt return for a touchdown from Devin Hester (tying him with Deion Sanders for the most return touchdowns of all time, with 19), a 29 yard pick-six from Brian Orakpo, a long rushing touchdown from Matt Forte (who had three scores on the day), a long passing touchdown from Robert Griffin III to Aldrick Robinson, some field goals, and a number of additional splash plays.  This is exciting football.  Jay Cutler did leave the game early with an injury, and Josh McCown came in in relief and played pretty well.  He did nothing to hinder the Bears chances at winning this game.  Chicago fans have to have some serious questions about their defense, however.  They surrendered 499 yards of offense to the ‘Skins and currently have the 25th ranked “D” in the league (allowing 391 yards/game).  If their offense was not second in the league in scoring, then the Bears would not be a 4-3 team.  Meanwhile, the Redskins do keep themselves somewhat relevant with this win.  They are 2-4 on the season, but are only two games out of first place.  If this team can continue improving on defense and lighting it up on offense, they have the potential to put together a second-half run like they did in 2012.  Allowing 41 points is a bit of a concern, but a win is a win and this is a team that will take ’em however they can get ’em at this point.


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