Week 7: Indianapolis Colts 39, Denver Broncos 33- Post Game Thoughts

Andrew Luck triumphs over Peyton Manning in his return to Indy.  Nobody is happier than the Colts’ owner, Jim Irsay, who had some shocking comments about Manning earlier in the week.  Fortunately for him and the team, Luck was able to play lights out at home (once again) and put up enough points to outscore the previously unstoppable Broncos.  The second year quarterback ran one in for a score and delivered an additional three touchdown passes.  Pressure on Peyton was paramount for the Indy “D”.  They were blowing up screens and really destroying the pocket that formed around Manning.  For the first time this season, the loss of Ryan Clady seemed to hurt this team.  Speaking of hurt, Reggie Wayne went down with a torn meniscus and ACL in this game; a loss that could really drag this team down.  Going forward it will be interesting to see how the other receivers step up in the place of this future hall of famer.  The Colts are an impressive 5-2 with big wins over San Francisco, Seattle, and now Denver; now that’s quite impressive.  A BYE week is on the horizon for this team and they can sit back with satisfaction as they enjoy a full two game lead in the AFC South.  The Broncos will face the Redskins at home next week as they look to rebound from their first loss of the season.  The passing defense will need to play much better against a Washington team that ranks #7 in the league in the passing game and #4 overall.


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