Week 7: Green Bay Packers 31, Cleveland Browns 13- Post Game Thoughts

The Packers win their third straight game and improve to 4-2 on the year in this rout of the Browns in Lambeau.  Jermichael Finley was lost in this game due to a neck injury.  He required a stretcher to evacuate him from the playing field; so that would be Aaron Rodgers’ third target to go down this year (joining Randall Cobb and James Jones).  Jones may be back next week against Minnesota but still, the Packers receivers (much like their linebackers) are dropping like flies.  I feel like I’ve seen this movie before though.  In 2010, it seemed like they were losing someone new every week, yet they still won the Super Bowl.  I’m not saying the 2013 season is going to end with the Pack hoisting the Lombardi (which it might); I’m just saying that this is a squad that can overcome a bevy of injuries.  They are better equipped this time around to do so because they have such a strong backfield with a more experienced quarterback.  Sure, Green Bay isn’t winning their games in blowout fashion with 40+ points on the board like they usually do, but they are winning their games in another manner and there is nothing wrong with that.  For Cleveland, it is obvious that they need to find a ground game.  83 yards on 23 carries is not going to get it done in this league.  I think that the team should try its luck with featuring the newly acquired Fozzy Whittaker at tail-back.  This is a team that is in desperate need of a huge performance from a tail-back, and it is clear that Willis MaGahee is not going to provide them with much of a spark from that position.  I bet Cleveland is wishing that Dion Lewis would have survived through the pre-season; the team could use his explosiveness right about now.  Brandon Weeden cannot do it all on his own, so the Browns need to step it up on the ground.  Their defense could have played better in this game as well, but considering they went up against the #2 offense in the NFL, holding them to 357 yards ain’t too shabby.


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