Week 6: San Diego Chargers 19, Indianapolis Colts 9- Post Game Thoughts

This was an old-school football game that took place on the west coast during Monday Night Football.  We saw two adversaries who tried to pound the ball and in the end it was the Chargers who stole a victory away from the Colts.  San Diego was incredibly balanced on this night.  Out of their 69 offensive plays, 34 were run plays and 35 were pass plays.  This perfect mixture allowed the Bolts to hold the ball for an astounding 38:31.  Credit should also be given to John Pagano and the Charger “D”.  This was by far the unit’s best game.  They allowed the Colts to gain only 12 first downs and 267 total yards.  San Diego seems to play better when they are changing up the tempo and controlling the clock.  Look back to their Week 2 victory over the Eagles; this team won in very similar fashion: they held the ball far more than their opponent and were able to control the line of scrimmage.  It isn’t always the most exciting football to watch, but it is effective.  Look for them to utilize this strategy more in the coming weeks.  This loss hurts pretty badly for the Colts.  They are gearing up to take on the Denver Broncos at home and could have really used a win going into that game.  As it stands, they are now 4-2 and have to work on a short week.  Dropped passes and failures to extend drives pretty much sums up the night for Indy.  The lack of a strong running game also played a role in the loss.  All and all, the Chargers were able to play to their strengths and take away what the Colts did best and that is why they won this low-scoring game.


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