Week 6: Seattle Seahawks 20, Tennessee Titans 13- Post Game Thoughts

The Seahawks are able to take out the Titans at home in a pretty close game.  Tennessee did mount a bit of a fight up in Seattle and managed to make a game out of this one.  Marshawn Lynch was pretty strong with his two rushing touchdowns.  The team ended up rushing for 151 yards total, thanks in large part to another impressive game from Russell Wilson.  Wilson ran for 61 yards; his third straight week with over 60 yards on the ground.  He is proving to be the most effective runner of the ball out of all quarterbacks in this league.  His dual-threat is becoming tougher to stop each week.  The Titans did not roll over this week despite the barrage of Seattle offense.  In fact, Tennessee has been in all of their games this year.  The fact that they are 3-3 is only a microcosm of how good this team actually is.  Their defense is playing very well and the offense is operating at a rather efficient level.  Ryan Fitzpatrick did throw two interceptions in this game though.  His turnovers over the last two weeks have killed the team.  It is easy to think that the Titans would have stood a better chance at winning if their quarterback was not so generous with the football.


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