Week 6: San Francisco 49ers 36, Arizona Cardinals 20- Post Game Thoughts

Colin Kaepernick had been producing some ugly stats over the past month.  Outside of his 400 yard performance against the Packers in Week 1, Kap had not been all that effective throwing the ball… until this game that is.  Vernon Davis was his favorite target.  The speedy tight end took seven catches for 171 yards into the half and finished his day with eight grabs for 180 big ones and two touchdowns.  Frank Gore had a pretty big day on the ground; he racked up 101 yards rushing on 25 carries.  Davis and Gore took apart the Arizona defense that had looked so good the previous week.  And Carson Palmer probably wishes he could re-do this game.  His two first half interceptions really killed the Cardinals’ chances to win this game (I found it funny how most of the things worth talking about from this one came from the first half).  Larry Fitzgerald was big with his 6 catches and 117 yards.  Palmer really needs to try and hit this guy up more often.  He is certainly able to do so (since when did Carson ever care about forcing a ball into coverage?).  That said, Arizona actually was not bad on the ground in this game.  They ran the ball, as a team, 19 times for 109 yards.  Look for them to come out next week and emphasize the running game when the team hosts Seattle on Thursday.  This had to be a satisfying win for the 49ers.  It was the first time since Week 1 where they looked like a complete offense, in other words one that could have won this game without a strong performance from their defense (see their Week 5 win over St. Louis).


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