Week 6: Pittsburgh Steelers 19, New York Jets 6: Post Game Thoughts

The Steelers finally get a “W” in the 2013 season as they clip the Jets’ wings in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  Geno Smith took three steps back from his remarkable Monday night performance last week as he was intercepted twice and barely cracked the 200 yard passing mark.  The Jets as a team never really got any running game going, which had really helped them out in previous victories.  Right now it is clear that Geno Smith is not good enough to carry a team without the backing of a strong ground game.  Thinking back to the game in Atlanta last week, a lot of his better plays came off of play-action, something the defense had to be wary of due to their pretty strong running game.  This week, Dick LeBeau exploited the rookie and forced him to play at the top of his game against a top “D”.  As you can see, the duty was not done.  Simply put, the Steelers won this one with their defense; the good ol’ fashioned way for them.


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