Week 6: Kansas City Chiefs 24, Oakland Raiders 7- Post Game Thoughts

Holy cow, these Chiefs are good.  They make up half of the leagues undefeated teams after this weekends games, and they have been doing so on the strength of efficient football from the offense and pretty grizzly defense.  That stout unit, under the direction of Bob Sutton, deserves a steak dinner after their performance on Sunday.  It is not every day when you see a defense sack a quarterback ten times, pick off three balls, and score one touchdown.  Hats off to Kansas City for their dominating performance at home.  The most impressive thing about the ten sacks they acquired was the fact that they came against a pretty mobile quarterback.  I know the Raiders offensive line isn’t all that great (due to a bunch of key injuries) but Terrelle Pryor is a heady player who is able to escape pressure with his legs.  Being dropped that many times had to come as a surprise.  Fun fact: the ten sacks the Chiefs recorded on Sunday is more than the Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New York Giants have all year.  If you like that little nugget, you’ll love this one: KC already has 31 sacks, which is more than they had in the entire 2012 season (27).  So remind me, why are the Chiefs 6-0?  Anyways, the Raiders were victims to a superior defensive onslaught.  This Oakland team is not horrible, they just have some growing to do and I firmly believe that Dennis Allen is a good enough head coach to lead this team to greater success in the future.  They have a solid group of players to build around, now the individuals on the team have to use the remainder of this season to grow.  Oakland is grooming a pretty special product, I like where this team is going.


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