Week 6: Detroit Lions 31, Cleveland Browns 17- Post Game Thoughts

Calvin Johnson was not much of a factor in this road win for the Lions, nor did he need to be.  Matthew Stafford was able to establish a connection with a couple of different play-makers on Sunday.  For instance, he was treated well when throwing it to Kris Durham.  Durham had nine catches for 83 yards, which is pretty productive.  Tight end Joseph Fauria was an animal in the red zone.  The 6’7” UCLA product caught three balls, each for touchdowns.  He even entertained the casual fans with his three unique touchdown celebrations.  By the way, no Lions tight end has caught three touchdowns since the AFL/NFL merger in 1970.  File this one under the category of things you don’t see every day.  The Browns three game winning streak was snapped as a result of this game.  Brandon Weeden was intercepted twice and struggled to make plays in the passing game.  The good news here is that he was only sacked once.  This game could be looked at as a minor setback for Cleveland, but I just think that the Lions were the better team on Sunday.  The Browns still have a while to go before they can match up with this league’s best teams.  Sure, they beat the Bengals but (as with all games within a division) anything is possible.  I can’t read much into that win, as impressive as it was.  The Browns can be a good team, but they need to find a stronger running game than the one they currently boast.


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