Week 5: Kansas City Chiefs 26, Tennessee Titans 17- Post Game Thoughts

The Chiefs improve to 5-0 in a hard-earned victory on the road in Nashville.  For a moment, it looked like the Titans were going to pull off the upset.  They had a 17-13 lead in the fourth quarter of this one.  However, it was Ryan Succop’s four field goals that lead Kansas City to their victory.  Ryan Fitzpatrick was intercepted twice as the Titans turned it over for the first time this season (they did it three times to be exact).  If you eliminate those mistakes, Tennessee had a real shot at winning this one.  As it turns out, Andy Reid is enjoying the second best start to a season in his entire NFL career.  By the way, the Chiefs had another one of their patented, time-consuming fourth quarter drives in this one.  They drained 5:05 off the clock on their 10-play touchdown drive that put the team up 20-17.  They have been able to do this four times this season and it is probably the biggest reason why the team boasts a perfect record at this point in the season; they are great in the final frame of games, which is typically a trademark of all of the league’s best teams.  Yes, the Chiefs are for real in case there were still doubters out there.


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